MaxxECU Standalone - RACE Version
Price RM7,500.00
Brand MaxxECU
Size (L x W x H) 46 cm x 26 cm x 9 cm
Reward Points 7300
Points Needed 730000
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  • Extremely versatile engine control
  • Up to 6 sequential cylinders
  • Up to 12 cylinders in wasted spark
  • Build-In MAP Sensor 4 BAR / 400kPa 
  • Include Lamda Wideband Sensor
  • FREE Tuning Software
  • Build-in Bluetooth

MaxxECU Standalone - RACE  Version

Extremely versatile engine control system for up to 6 sequential cylinders. Up to 12 in wasted spark. Faster and easier tuning with built-in wideband lambda and a built-in MAP-sensor up to 3 bar / 43.5 psi of boost. Get into serious tuning with advanced functions such as built-in E-throttle, 8 EGT, knock sensor inputs and superfast Cortex M3 CPU.



  • All 3-12 cylinder engines (4-stroke)
  • Up to 8 cylinders fully sequentially
  • Up to 12 cylinders in wasted spark
  • Lambda (WBO) sensor. Supports Bosch LSU 4.2, 4.9 and ADV direclty
  • Built-in 400kPa / 4 BAR MAP-sensor
  • Traction Control
  • Anti-Lag
  • Launch-Control
  • Shif Cuts & Internal Logging
  • Flex Fuel
  • Variable Valve Timing
  • Bluetooth
  • CAN Bus
  • 2 trigger inputs. VR or digital. Automatic trigger level detection
  • 2 extra temperature sensors
  • 2 knock sensor inputs
  • 6 extra 0-5V inputs
  • 4 extra digital inputs (VR / hall) or switches
  • 8 EGT TYPE-K/N inputs (1200C/2200F) in separate harness
  • 8 peak/hold injector outputs
  • 8 ignition outputs
  • 9 extra LOW DRIVING outputs for additional features
  • 2 extra +12V DRIVING outputs
  • 4 extra motor outputs



All MaxxECU wiring consists of high quality thin walled cable. All cables are labeled with their functions. We have done everything for a stress free installation


Modern and robust aluminium casing and exceptional build quality. All units are labeled at the rear with revision and production date


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What's in the box
  • MaxxECU Control Unit x1 PCS
  • Hardness 3M with Socket x1 UNIT
  • Lamda Sensor x1 PCS
  • Tuning Cable x1 PCS
  • Connector 6-Way Socket (Wideband) x1 PCS
  • Connector 12-Way Socket (MaxxECU Hardness) x1 PCS
  • Connector 8-Way Socket (Delphi) x1 PCS
  • Bluetooth Mobile Antenna x1 PCS
  • MaxxECU USB Memory x1 PCS
  • MaxxECU Quick Guide Manual x1 PCS
  • MaxxECU Wiring Diagram x1 PCS